Sunday, December 12, 2010

UPDATE 4::: 12/12/10

I haven't finished much these couple of weeks, but I do have some 3D sketches finalized. I am still trying to nail down a game engine that will work out well, but either sketch up doesn't like game engines or game engines don't like sketch up. Also, I will have a lot of parts in the next update as I will have more time to sketch. - Nerdman

:::UPDATE 4:::
New Parts:
- MSK-AR200 (Same as the 100, just longer)
- MSK-RL100 (This will be the base model for both the 100/200)

Edited Parts:
- MSK-AR100 (Fixed some minor detailing on top of the shroud)
- RJ-Jamal (Made the whole base wider and resized/adjusted the hydraulic cylinders)

Note:: I have noticed that Westwind PMC (The forum I hosted my game on as a secondary site) has gone down. I will move my posts into until they are able to get up and running again.