Saturday, September 15, 2012

Contact info

Steam/Xbox/Eve Online: Nerdman234

Also note that I'm currently in college so I will not have quite as much time as I used to. I will try my best to get an idea set in stone for the game and will begin making after it's set in stone (though it will most likely change)

The light at the end of the year and a half tunnel

I guess those who have followed this can tell I got a bit over my head on this game. At the moment, I'm considering building a Chromehounds-like game, as SEGA will never allow the (even free) release of a remake. In the meantime, games like Hawken and Armored Core: V will have to tide you until I can figure some things out. Feel free to message me with ideas, concerns, hate-mail, etc, and I'll try to do update a bit more often then once every year and a half. - nerdman