Friday, August 20, 2010

Project Opened

 Hey blogger members and random guests! As very few of you know, Chromehounds was shut down in January. Well, this left mech game lovers with two series to choose from. Armoured Core or mechwarrior. I didn't like either and loved the customization and gameplay in Chromehounds. So using the UDK (unreal development kit), I plan on remaking a basic version of chromehounds then slowly upgrading models and textures until it's basically the same as the original. But I have another reason. I am searching through career options at the moment (still in high school), and videogame design is near the top of the list. So, I'm building the game from the bottom up using Chromehounds as a basis, so I can see if this is how I want to spend a portion (or all) of my life on.
A rough time frame for the game is about 4-5 months, but if anyone is willing to submit designs it would be insanely helpful.
The screenshots I used are from, exact part numbers were from, and all models involved in this were originally created by From Software and SEGA. I just used screenshots to reconstruct them.


  1. Sorry buddy. Me and a team are already working on this. And just to tell you as a secret. UDK only works for windows. So players cannot play on mac or linux etc. I was doing the same thing lol. But after searching i found some people who were interested in the same project and i joined them. Not only that but were in competition with another team whos makin the same game :). Heres the link

    when you get in sign up and send a pm to mr. stugelmayer so he can put you in as a game staff. Until then you cant see the site.

  2. Sorry i didnt see you already had things done. I only saw the page that said you were going to make it. But im blown away at your 3d sketches. They look amazing. I thought they were models at first. But yea if you want to continue your project feel free. Or if you want to check out or join ours then your free to do that also. Funny thing though. I read your storyline. And thats the exact same thing i came up with. As though you read my mind. Although i didnt use the names tarakia, morskoj, or sal kar due to copyright laws. And were calling our game warhounds to avoid copyright on chromehounds also. I contacted sega and they havent replied. It just says that all chromehounds related crap is under investigation. So we changed it. But yea. If you can texture you would be a great help. And your concept art destroys mine. I used gimp. Its awful. If your interested hit mr. stuglemayer a message. Were all in highschool aswell. So were kind of busy but we try. We already have our own site done. Just have to buy the domain name. We have an organized game design document that is almost completely finished. And were using unity as a game engine for the time being as long as it can graphically support our game. And were already pretty decided server/networking wise.