Sunday, December 12, 2010

UPDATE 4::: 12/12/10

I haven't finished much these couple of weeks, but I do have some 3D sketches finalized. I am still trying to nail down a game engine that will work out well, but either sketch up doesn't like game engines or game engines don't like sketch up. Also, I will have a lot of parts in the next update as I will have more time to sketch. - Nerdman

:::UPDATE 4:::
New Parts:
- MSK-AR200 (Same as the 100, just longer)
- MSK-RL100 (This will be the base model for both the 100/200)

Edited Parts:
- MSK-AR100 (Fixed some minor detailing on top of the shroud)
- RJ-Jamal (Made the whole base wider and resized/adjusted the hydraulic cylinders)

Note:: I have noticed that Westwind PMC (The forum I hosted my game on as a secondary site) has gone down. I will move my posts into until they are able to get up and running again.



  1. I hope this project takes off, Chromehounds is fantastic and your goal to recreate it is commendable!

  2. greetings nerdman, I just discovered your project and I am a diehard chromehounds fan. I was in one of the top squads of the late game, A-nui. I'm am very impressed by what you have already created and I do like the idea of adding new elements to the game, however these must be done right. I don't claim to be infallible but I would love to contact you one on one concerning some of these ideas and and hopefully provide valuable incite from my own experiences with the game and ideas I personally would like to see implemented in your new version. Please Contact me via Email @ (no I'm not 12 however changing emails is an awful process and I haven't yet worked up the courage to do so)

  3. Hey, Nerdman,

    My name is Josh Snider. I am currently going to college for video game development, and I'm pretty handy with Sketch-up If your still working on this Project I would love to help. I can send you pictures of some models I have made to justify my skills. Email me at

  4. Hey nerdman! Long time no see. We've actually gotten Westwind improved and back online. Come check us out and send me a PM so we can get this project back on the road.